Helper Rules

  • Not allowed to smoke, are not allowed to drink
  • Not allowed to do part-time (holiday can not)
  • Holiday to be home before 9 pm, are not allowed to stay outside
  • Do not borrow money from a finance company or help a friend as a guarantor
  • It is not possible to provide the employer’s telephone / address to friends or relatives in Hong Kong
  • Prohibit the use of telephone calls from the employer’s home to make or receive long distance calls
  • It is strictly forbidden to consult the employer’s letter or private document; the private matter of the employer can not be made public
  • Do not use mobile phones for personal use during work
  • Can not bring friends back home
  • If you want to use the employer’s telephone number or address as a bank service or telephone card service, domestic workers must consult the employer’s approval
  • Passport, identity card and copy of contract are very important items, prohibit the use of someone else as a guarantor
  • Remember the traditional rituals, such as the morning, thank you, sorry, can you repeat it again? Do not allow only to see the employer do not make any response
  • Focus on personal hygiene, daily brushing and bathing before going to bed, often wash your hands
  • Your clothes to hand wash, can not be put into the washing machine mixed with the clothes of the employer wash
  • If the body has discomfort, you must immediately inform the employer, if you want to see a doctor, will arrange a designated doctor or government hospital to seek treatment
  • Go to the supermarket or the market to buy things, to keep the receipt and record expenses, to the employer access.
  • Do not waste food, to properly store the rest of the rice, for example: wrapped with fresh paper into the refrigerator; and then ask the employer to agree whether you can eat
  • If the employer has a guest to visit, the domestic servant to take the initiative to tea and maintain a friendly attitude
  • Be careful to take care of your child, be patient and loving, and you will not be able to take care of your mobile phone during the period, so as to avoid any accident
  • Hong Kong law: You can not leave your child at home without permission from your employer. If you cause any accident due to this negligence, you will be charged and imprisoned
  • When you go out with your child, be sure to drag him / their hands, do not let yourself run out of the road, cause an accident; you can not talk on the phone with a private phone
  • If the child is injured or ill, the domestic worker should inform the employer immediately and give appropriate instructions
  • Should have the ability to take care of the children’s daily diet, crossing the road to traffic lights, security to
  • Dangerous items such as chemical materials and tools should be kept away from children
  • It is forbidden to open the door and open the employer’s information to the stranger
  • Keep in mind the teachings, instructions and instructions of the employer, do not repeat the wrong.
  • To be honest, do not lie; do something wrong to confess to admit, can not conceal the responsibility to shirk
  • Respect the employer and the elderly, are not allowed to mouth or call a child
  • It is forbidden to sit on the employer’s bed and on the sofa, and abuse the employer’s clothes and personal belongings
  • To ensure that home safety, pay attention before going out: turn off the cooking stove, doors and windows closed, be careful to correct the door lock, go out with a key

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