Indonesian Helper



The applicant provides all his/her information and the viewer shall verify the information directly with the potential domestic helper before entering into employment contract with him/her; [Employment Centre] is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of any such information, therefore the viewer should not rely on the accuracy and timeliness of such information for the purpose of employing domestic helper. Notwithstanding that such information is available for reference, viewer is deemed to have agreed to waive all his/her rights (if any) against [Employment Centre] and/or the applicant in connection with such information.

The viewer understands that the information in relation to the Applicant is provided solely for the purpose of indicating identity and the ability of the Applicant. The Applicant information and his/her ability shall always be subject to the usual course of things and differences in culture and experience between the Applicant and the viewer.


Indonesian helpers

Primary school level on average and not able to speak English and Cantonese. They are the character of Simple, very obedient, loyal, diligent, accept opinions and easy-going ; The majority are Muslims, refrain from eating pork. A few of them are Catholics and Christians. Need to take care of disables, elderly, and families with heavy domestic duties.

編號: BAK3004

Tu Ramja Mulyati

國籍: 印尼
類別: 海外
年齡: 43
婚姻狀況: Death Divorce
宗教: Moslem
Senior High School
海外經驗:  4  year in Hong Kong
技能專長: Children caring/able to speak Cantonese/General housework/Nice character