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Founded in 1990, C.T.Maids Ltd is one of the oldest and most trusted employment agencies in Hong Kong. We offer the highest standard of services to assist employers to choose the best domestic helper that meet the need of their family. We have a good selection of Filipino and Indonesian helpers, both locally in Hong Kong or overseas for the employers to choose from.

We have the co-operation with domestic helper training centers across different provinces of Indonesia and Philippines, selecting and training domestic helpers according to the requirements of the Employers in Hong Kong . Professional training includes etiquette, Cantonese, cultural customs in Hong Kong, housework, cooking, use of gas stove and home safety. Our training especially focuses on both elder and child care and we keep improving the quality of our domestic helpers.

To offer the best services to the employers, our experience Consultants are helping to solve the problems between the Employer & Helpers in order to built up their good & friendly relationships as the family members.

All the Selected applicants are be required to attend the Household taining at the local country , included to take care the baby, elderly, disable and Language speaking.

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